Top 3 inflatable air lounges

Inflatable air lounge

Along with rising popularity of outdoor activities, inflatable air lounge has also become more and more prevalent thanks to it comfort and convenience. In order to satisfy customers, outdoor goods makers have introduced many new models of inflatable air lounge with variety of outstanding features. Let’s check the top 3 inflatable air lounges that have received the best rate.

Inflatable air lounge

Whozzu Air Lounger

Whozzu Air Lounger is famous for durability and multi functions. This air lounge is made from ripstop nylon parachute which is heavy duty as well aswater and tear resistant; so it is claimed to last for a super long time. Its durability is ensured by lifetime warranty from manufacturer. This great material also helps Whozzu Air Lounger bear heavy duty and be used on water surface. In addition, there are 2 pockets to help you arrange your belongings such as phone or drinks better. In term of convenience, Whozzu Air Lounger could be inflated easily without a pump.

Besides many great features, Whozzu Air Lounge also has some drawbacks. Firstly, the ripstop nylon parachute could bring amazing durability but it’s quite bulky. Besides, there are some complaints from users that it has gradually deflated after long use. Lastly, there are limited color options and its price is not very affordable.

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge

The Chillbo Baggins shares many great features with Whozzu Air Lounger such as easy inflation without pump, water resistance, heavy duty support, pockets to store belongings… Besides, Chillbo Baggins has solved the weight problem ofWhozzulounge. Chillbo Baggins air inflatable lounge is made from Ripstop nylon which is durable yet light weight.  Together with this lightweight material, the carrying bag helps it become more compact and portable. The Chillbo Baggins inflatable lounge is voted as the most flexible one, so it could be used almost everywhere. Therefore, this is a perfect product for camping. Furthermore, the design of this air lounge is quite attractive with many color options.

However, there are still a few weaknesses. There are many pockets to store things but all of these pockets are not big enough. It’s also reported that the Chillbo Baggins tends to deflate after just an hour. Lastly, you should be careful when using this air lounge for sunbathing because it could get extremely hot under direct sunlight.

ChillaX Inflatable Lounger

The Chillax Inflatable is a rounded product. It doesn’t lack in term of convenience, ease of use, design or portability. The material used to make this air lounge has multi layers, so it’s durable. However, it’s still light weight and could be carried along everywhere with a free carrying bag. There are other additional accessories such as securing stake, pockets or bottle opener. ChillaX Inflatable Lounger has also received numerous compliments from users for its amazing comfort. Furthermore, there are many color options for different tastes.

Although having many great features, ChillaX Inflatable Lounger is not a perfect product. The most noticeable drawback is deflation; it couldn’t keep the air for long time. However, this is common problem with most of air inflatable lounges in the market.

The 3 products mentioned above have both strengths and weaknesses. However, they are the products that have the best features and the least drawbacks compared to others and have received a lot of praises. Therefore, they could be good suggestions for you when looking for a new air inflatable lounge.

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