Tips For Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Using pregnancy pillow for better sleep

Good sleep during pregnancy is not so apparent. Many expectant mothers have more trouble falling asleep than normal. Obviously, because looking but once a comfortable position with such a bulging belly. It’s best to opt for a maternity pillow.

Sleep Deprivation

Tips For Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Sleep deprivation can be quite frustrating. Especially since you during pregnancy need adequate sleep. Pregnancy takes a lot of your body. And there are many changes in your body. Both the structure and the function nearly every organ changes when you’re pregnant. Your digestion, composition, and amount of blood, metabolism, and your lungs breathing, your kidneys and your urinary tract are all affected by pregnancy hormones.

Sleep Attitudes

If you become pregnant, succeed you still have a comfortable sleeping position to search. But if it’s not the size of your stomach more you best to sleep on your side. This is also the recommended sleeping position during the pregnancy. Sleeping on the left side even better, in this place, the baby gets the maximum amount of blood and power supply. You never sleep on your side than at the beginning will be difficult to get used to and are to fall asleep.


  • Pain in the middle of the basin (on or around the pubic bone). This pain can radiate down the inner thigh, the groin, or vagina;
  • Pain left and right in the lower back at the height of the two dimples. This pain may radiate over the buttocks, into the groin, the back of the thigh and sometimes the lower leg;
  • Pain around the coccyx (the lowest point at the bottom center of the back). The pain often increases with fatigue and precise movements such as bending, twisting in the back, turning over in bed, cycling on a bumpy road, running or other jerky movements;
  • Pain when starting a movement, such as rising from a chair (starting pain);
  • Quicker be tired, especially when one stays in one place and strolling;
  • Slower recovery from fatigue and suffering.

What can you do about the complaints

It is important that you get information about the cause of the complaints from your midwife, doctor or a physical therapist with expertise on this issue. This will provide advice on measures that can reduce the symptoms. The goal is to restore the balance between load and load. This implies a balance between what can the body and what is asked. The signals from the body should be taken seriously. For pelvic pain are no “miracle drugs.” These are complaints that acceptance and time to cope with it are important.

Less tax

A best maternity pillow between your legs bent creates less strain on your lower back and makes it sleep on it more enjoyable. There is also special pregnancy pillow obtainable. Of course, an ordinary pillow also works fine.

Dance Legs

In the last months of pregnancy can suffer from tingling legs or cramp if you get too much time is in the same position. One turn is not so comfortable with a large, round belly. Boosting the blood flow can help. Thus, it is wise to ensure that there are many fresh breaths of air into your bedroom, you move enough during the day, and your face before bed take a foot bath or a hot shower. Also, your legs on a pillow lay can sometimes work wonders.

Tips for a good night’s sleep during pregnancy

Using pregnancy pillow for better sleep

  • Drink before bedtime glass of herbal tea or warm milk with honey or anise.
  • Allow the heater in the bedroom.
  • Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water during the day. Do not go at once to drink four glasses before bedtime.
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.
  • Eat something light before you go to bed at midnight, so you do not have to raid the refrigerator. Complex carbohydrates and proteins are a must. Drink a little warm milk. Avoid sugars because your blood sugar will then fluctuate.
  • A warm bath before you can work relaxing in bed, but make sure the bath water is certainly not too hot.
  • Move enough during the day and early evening. Do not do this just before you go to bed.
  • Try relaxation techniques such as visualization, meditation, chanting or yoga before going to bed.
  • Making love can help if you’re in the right mood.
  • Put the window ajar when the temperature allows. A breath of fresh air can do wonders.
  • A night light is enough to go to the toilet.
  • Do not stress about the fact that you can not sleep. Get up, read a bit and try again.

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