Tips for Buying a Stereo for the Car


When to purchase a stereo for the car, we often set ourselves especially in the sound source (radio and CD player or MP3 player), but it is important to know that a good stereo is configured with two other key components: amplifiers and speakers. In this post, we look at each of the three elements.

Before the purchase of a stereo for your vehicle note:

1. The sound source

We refer to the tuner, the reader or player (cassette, CD, MiniDisc, MP3, etc.), and optionally integrated amplifier circuit.

Until a decade cars came with as much with radio or boombox ago.

-After They had come the CD and radio-CD appeared, with better sound quality, but with the disadvantage that playback jump with bumps in the road.

‘In the current multimedia digital age we have the radio-CD and MP3, but still being added multitude of functions so it is a good idea to opt for equipment with auxiliary inputs (input ports line in, USB ports, card readers memory, etc.) to connect additional devices such as portable CD and DVD players, MP3, MiniDisc readers, radio tuners satellite (GPS), TV tuners, games consoles, etc.

2. Amplifiers

The amplifiers are essential to reduce sound distortion and allow a clean listening.

They are devices that receive an input signal and return it enlarged. They must have a setting of “sensitivity” to the signal of entry to reach the maximum voltage for which they are designed.

If an amplifier we ask more power you have, there will come a time when you will not be able to give the required output voltage and the phenomenon of cut or “clipping” occurs.

It is better to have an amplifier whose rated power exceeds the speaker reverse. But beware, you have to look more into the valid average value of maximum power, but ultimately it is always better than too little. The “gain” is used to adjust the output voltages of the amplifier.

-Do Not put the increase to the maximum but output voltage investigates what our team has for maximum volume and try this adjustment. They typically carry other components such as filters and low enhancement control ( “bass boost”) that should be left to a minimum. When choosing amplifiers must also consider how many speakers amplify want to know if we need 2, 4 or more channels (recommended 4).

3. Speakers

Speakers translate the electrical signals in amplifier receiving “understood” acoustic signals to our ears. What they depend on the reproduced sound is true to the actual sound is recorded ultimately they rely on the sound quality.

To achieve such high fidelity speakers must recreate all the original components without altering them, and that they succeed interacting with the environment in which they are installed.

As the waves travel and reach our ears at different times because they are placed at different distances, not convenient sound to the rear of the car because “dirty” the final sound.

-The Acute propagate in a straight line while the bass is omnidirectional so that different speakers must have a particular location in the car depending for bass or treble. The “sensitivity” of the speaker is measured in dB / W / m. Values of up to 91 indicate a “hard” (suitable for use with external amplifiers) speaker. Values above 91 dB / W / m show a speaker “soft.”

Depending on the frequency range to reproduce, we have the following types of speakers:

-Seagraves (Subwoofer): To ultra-low frequencies (<80Hz). Require external amplifiers.

-Media-Serious (Woofer): For frequencies from 80 to 1000 Hz. They are usually located on the doors or trays and use them as sounding the door or trunk.

-Media (Mid-woofer): For frequencies between 1000 Hz and 4000 Hz. They are located on the dashboard.

-Agudos (Tweeter): These are small speakers for high frequencies (3000Hz to 20000Hz). They must be placed point the listener’s ear and unhindered.

Finally, if we do not see enough to make us the equipment installation experience, it is advisable to leave it to a professional installer. Visit – best bass speakers for car

4. Price


The price should include VAT (or IGIC) in the Canary Islands and is good also budget installation, as it can cost us a disappointment.

5. Bill

The bill is a key to record the purchase, on who you sold and the date on which the computation of the warranty begins by product nonconformity document, so do not make the awkwardness of “VAT” and ask your bill as God intended.

6. Warranty

The legal guarantee for the purchase of a new radio for your car lasts two years from purchase accredited by invoice, during which the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of product repair or replacement by another equal.

If this is not possible neither repair nor replacement, you should reduce the price with the possibility of termination.

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