10 Toys Every Child Should Have

Children are charmed with toys as they are playful. If you hand over a toy to your child, he or she may be enthralled. There are some unpleasant situations that arise from not liking the given toys to children too. Today’s article is arranged with the idea of such a gorgeous list of 10 toys that should blow your child’s mind.

How did we choose?

We have chosen the 10 toys based on the usual choice among the vast majority of children from all around the world. We are not claiming that every child should have these toys, but most the cases our list of toys will give you a perfect solution.


You will hardly find a child who does not love a bike. Bikes can be many types of. The toddlers love to have a balance bike that does not have any pedal, the children above that age more likely to have a bike with pedal.
Bike riding not only gives its user pleasure, but also it provides him or her with very good exercise. This exercise is done without any hardship. It happens automatically. As you know exercise is ideal for fat burning, it helps your child keep fit from early age of life.
So it can easily be said that bike is such a toy that should be adopted by every child. Read best balance bike reviews to choose right bike for your toddlers.

Puzzle Game:

Puzzle games have many types of jargons and playing puzzle games makes a child intelligent. It works in the brain and thus it is very helpful for analytical development as well as critical decision making.
As the puzzle games have no value for physical exercises, so a child should play this type of game for a short period of time.

Video Game:

Video game can be another good indoor game for the children. It helps the same way as the puzzle games, but it has some technological touch and it can be played alone. So if you want to make your child happy during his or her isolated time, then this can be a great toy for them.

Try cycle:

Try cycle has almost similar facilities of riding a bike, but unlike balance bikes, it has 3 wheels instead of 2. Try cycle is ideal for toddlers when you feel that giving a balance bike may jeopardize them.

Electric Car:

With the advent of modern technology, people are going to embrace things that have technological touches. Electric car for children is such a thing that runs on one or more rechargeable batteries. It is mostly made of quality plastic. Children find these types of electric cars as a pleasing thing to ride.

Teddy Bear:

Teddy bear is so much ubiquitous that it is found each and everywhere among kids. The size of teddy bear varies a lot. Some of the teddy bears have a whopping bed sized shape that are kept on children’s bed.

Electric Bike:

Besides balance bikes and pedal bikes, electric bike is being also used now-a-days. This can be a great toy for the toddlers.

A Set of Color Pens and Papers:

A child should be given color pens and papers at their early age to grow their drawing ability. It also facilitates their learning process at a fast pace. But make sure that your child does not bite the nib of the pens which is harmful if that goes into the stomach.


Block is very common among children. Children of their early stage love to play with blocks. Blocks are usually made of plastic, but wood is also used for making these.

Toy Bathtub:

This is very useful toy for the children as this helps them get bath with much pleasure. But be careful about it has some risk factors such as your child may be drowned in it if it is full of water. Water may also enter into your child’s ears. So have a close eye on that.
These are some of the toys that can be found everywhere. So every child should have these types of toys for their immense pleasure as well as mental and physical benefits. Always go for a toy that has great value in children’s life.

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